What do you when you found that your sex kitten from Kensington escorts turns out to be a gold digger?  

By | February 16, 2020

Lucy had been my favorite escort at Kensington of https://charlotteaction.org/kensington-escorts for three months when I asked her out on a personal date. I know that you should not date escorts on a personal basis but there was something special about this girl. Did I have the hots for her? Well, the truth was that I had more than the hos for Lucy, I was madly in love with her and really did want to spend time with her. It all happened one Saturday morning when I was out shopping for new ties in Kensington. I was looking through this display at a top department store when I had this voice say “that one would suit you”. It was Lucy from Kensington escorts and she was holding a bag from the cosmetic counter in her hands.

She looks totally different from Kensington escorts, but could still see that the sex kitten look was there. I had assumed it was just her Kensington escorts dating style, but apparently you could take the girl out of Kensington escorts, but not the sex kitten out of the girl.

She gave me this smile which made me fondly remember our date early in the week, and before I know it, I was having coffee with my favorite sex kitten from Kensington escorts. As I she purred over her chocolate cake, I simply knew that we had to risk a personal date. She never worked Saturdays for Kensington escorts so that would be the perfect time. How about that very night? Okay, she said, but she needed a new dress and shoes. About an hour later, I was getting my credit card out to pay for her new shoes and dress. That was how it all got started.

I would take her to top restaurants in Kensington, or shopping. She always said that she needed something and needless to say that I ended getting my credit card out to pay. She always wore the clothes or perfume so I knew that she was making use of them. The truth was that I was so madly in love with this sex kitten from Kensington escorts that I had in fact lost the plot as my dear old mom would say. What I did not know was that I was heading for serious heartbreak. One Friday night I realized that one of my favorite watches had broken and I needed to take n to get it fixed. My cheap escorts sex kitten and I were meeting up for a champagne breakfast, but I figured that I would just have to take her with me to the shop in Burlington Arcade. It was a small shop which also sold second jewelry.

Lucy’s eyes just lit up as we stepped in, and I had to smile. I thought to myself that the poor girl had probably never had a nice piece of jewelry in her life. After having put in watch for repair, I went up to her and whispered in her ear “What would you like my darling” She initially shook her head but then she pointed to a necklace with matching ear rings. The credit card came out, and three days later, I heard that Lucy had left Kensington escorts along with the £10,000 jewelry set I had bought her. That is how I ended up with a broken heart. Silly me…

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