Should I File for Divorce from Him?

By | August 11, 2021

I believe that I have done something extremely foolish. When I was working for North London escorts, I made a secret agreement with myself that I would never marry a man who had a relationship with one of the escorts. So, what did I wind up doing in the end? I married a man whom I had met while working for a prestigious North London escorts service for which I was at the time. He made a steadfast commitment to me that he would no longer date escorts in London. After the honeymoon, he was back in the dating scene with women from another escort agency practically as soon as it ended. He assumed I would be unable to locate him because he hired an alternate North London escort service from One of the females who worked for the service was acquainted with a coworker of mine, and that is how the information ended up in my hands. Naturally, I brought it up with my husband, who, to my surprise, simply refused to acknowledge that he had returned to dating North London escorts. I requested some evidence, and it did not take long for me to locate what I required. What he has done has completely shattered my confidence in him? When we first started dating, I had complete faith in him and had no idea that he would end up with other North London escorts. After all, he had me at his house, and he had told me that I was his ideal little sex kitten. In any case, it appears that I am not the only person in North London who has a sexy cat as a pet. As far as I’m aware, he’s dating at least three other women who work for another exclusive North London escorts company. I still can’t believe that I was so naive as to give up my lucrative North London escorts business to work for him. When I was still working in the escort profession, I heard a lot of rumours about North London escorts who had quit their jobs to marry one of their dates. Some relationships appear to have worked well, but the vast majority, like mine, have gone awry. I know that I may return to my previous job as a chauffeur for another North London escorts agency, but it does seem like I have lost a little of my momentum. It would be difficult to start over with a different escort agency from the beginning. It is more than that, however. I’m beginning to believe that I’ve lost my self-assurance. I’m going to see a lawyer tomorrow to explain what has transpired. I sincerely hope that I provided sufficient grounds for divorce. My fiancĂ©e, who still works for the same North London escorts company that I used to work for, assisted me in obtaining the services of a private detective. He followed my husband and took photos of him with a couple of the North London escorts females. At the time, he was hanging out with a couple of the girls in a private club, and it was all too obvious what was going on. So, I guess I’ll just have to get on with it and see if I can find a job that doesn’t require me to escort anyone about.

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