I almost gave up my dream

By | May 26, 2021

I almost gave up in life but becoming a Belgravia Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/belgravia-escorts makes my life beautiful again. Life is not perfect; it always gives us challenges to test our patience and how brave we are. Most of us have struggled a lot to continue living but for some, giving up is only the choice. I have known many people commit suicide because of uncontrolled emotions. Unlike to other people that are born wealthy, life is comfortable for them. My name is Karen, a twenty-three years of age and living in an affluent district in West London, Belgravia. Just like the other family, we are also poverty-stricken and need some assistance. We work hard for our everyday meal and necessities. We are seven in the family; I have two brothers and two sisters. All of us not went to school for we work at the early age. We need to help our parents since their income can’t sustain all our needs and even in food is not enough. Do you know that feeling when you are supposed to play outside but you can’t? And instead, you worked for daily diet and watched other children happiness. I feel envy for those people who went to school and learned something. And according to my friend’s school is fun and exciting and I haven’t experienced it since then. Over the years, my sibling and I still keep working. Nothing has changed except my father got sick. It’s become tougher now because we had to get a lot of money for my father’s medication. Every day and night we worked for different jobs and slept only for three hours. We had sacrificed since we were kids and until now. My body is shaking because of too much tiredness, and I can’t even express it to my family since they would worry.  I don’t know what to do. I am exhausted and emotionally drained. I collapse at the restaurant I worked in, and one customer brought me to the hospital. He had also paid my bills and bought my medication. He even offers me to become Belgravia Escorts and get a fair wage. I was so happy and grab the chance. I undergo lots of training until I became Belgravia Escorts officially. I feel more alive now than before. I get enough money for all of us and also bought my father’s medication. The people at my work are easy to get along and help me with what to do. I handled lots of clients and impressed them. Sometimes, they give me extra incentives and even bought me things. Little by little, I earned money to buy a house and move away. We had purchased all the foods and items we want. I had also stop my siblings from working and enrolled them to school. I had to get a nurse to my father to take care of him. My life is getting better and better. I almost gave up on life but becoming a Belgravia Escorts makes my life beautiful again.

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