My Mum – the Mature Escort

I have recently joined an East London escorts service of and I am just getting to know the other girls who work for the service. Most of them have some sort of experience of escorting in London, but they do not have as much as experience as I do. They girls I am working with now, were in fact a little bit surprised when they realised that we were all almost the same age, but I had more experience of escorting in London.


Yes, I know that I am lucky. Not only can I talk to my mom about working for East London escorts,but she is happy to give me advice as well. You see, my mum works as a mature London escort for another East London escorts service which specialises in mature escorts. When I told the girls for the first time, I could immediately see that they were a bit taken back. They asked if my mum had anything against me working for an escort service in London, but of course she doesn’t.


I thought about becoming a nail technician and I did actually do all of the training. However, I soon realised that I did not make so much money, and living in this part of London is expensive now. I told my mum about the problem and she suggested that I tried to find a job for an East London escorts service. It was a great idea, and with my mum’s help, I soon find a job at the escort service I am working for now.


Did it feel strange to follow in my mum’s foot steps? It did a little bit at first and I decided that I would escort on my own terms. In other words I hung on to my Saturday nail technician job. I thought that would kind of give me a cover for what I do at the escort just in case I do not want to become a mature escort like mum. Anyway, so far I really do enjoy working for East London escorts and I am sure that I am going to have a great career here.


How does my dad feel about me working for East London escorts? Well, I have to say that I don’t know who my dad is but I have  feeling that my mom does. I think it is a very special man that she used to date at one of the escort services that she worked for when she was based in central London. He has paid for me for all of this years, and when I turned 20, he bought me my own flat near to my mom. I am sure that he is a nice person, but I also think that he is married with a family, and that is why my mom has never said anything. We may meet one day but until then I am just going to get on with enjoying my life and have some serious fun.…

Tips On Pleasing An Escort And Lasting Longer

When you are hungry for sex Charlotte escorts offers some of the sexiest and most highly trained escorts who take you on a journey to a world of fantasy and ecstasy. When you go to their website, you find very seducing images of beautiful ladies. If it is your first time trying their service and you are not sure of what to do, just relax as this article educates you on how to please an escort and how to last longer in sex with her so that you will be sure to get your money’s worth.

Pleasing an escort

Just like how women like being appreciated, escorts are no exception and they are more than pleased when complimented. Take your time to appreciate her beauty by saying a simple ‘you look sexy/cute/fantastic’, or compliment her dress. Doing that gives her a reason to please you during the act. Also, all human beings love being respected, and therefore, respect an escort regardless of her profession. Don’t look down on her because you are paying her for sex. Again, don’t call her names like an escort or prostitute unless you have agreed previously that you will be doing so as part of your pleasure. When she first arrives you should take some time and chat. After the penetration, give her a good tip and drive her or else call a taxi for her.

Tips for longer sex with escorts

Masturbate beforehand
When you decide to meet an escort, masturbate one or two hours before the time you decide to meet. When you reach ejaculation before sex, it gives you an opportunity to enjoy sex and takes longer to reach orgasm during sex. Escorts are professionals who can drive you romantically crazy and you might reach orgasm very fast unless you masturbate beforehand.

Use a cock ring
If you have a problem maintain an erection for a long time, or just want to hold off orgasm as long as possible then you can use a cock ring. They control the flow of blood from the penis to other parts of the body and you can keep it up for a long time. This way, you will be able to enjoy penetration with your favorite escort and most of all, last longer.

Change sexual positions
Having sex in one position is boring and can make you ejaculate faster. If you are used to one position, switch them and that way you will control your orgasm. When you realize that you are about to cum, stop and ask the escort to do it in a different position.…